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Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger Spares was set-up by Stuart Wilkinson and Gordon England in October 2016. 

Both Stuart and Gordon started out in the aircraft industry and both had parents who “messed with old cars” a good while before that became fashionable. Gordon started working on rally cars while at college and then moved to Formula Ford and other racing cars before giving up cars for a few years to sail and enjoy family life. During this time he was working in the electronics industry then moved to scientific instrument development where he still spends some of his time. Thanks to a long term friend he became involved in Tigers in the late 90’s which rekindled the interest in competition cars and culminated in looking after the Le Mans Tigers, particularly the Mule which he took care of and occasionally raced over a ten year period. Currently looking after a group 6 Lola T212 and a “semi-lighweight” E-type for one customer and a pair of rally Escorts for another. He is also working on the Alan Fraser Monster Tiger and the 1964 Daytona Tiger in the USA. The interest in Tigers has extended to road and modified cars, and in the rebuilding, servicing and support of the marque. 

Stuart was always more interested in fast road cars, and in the building and modifying of same. Although the top of this tree must be the Ultima Spyder with its big V8 power and light-weight, it was the early days with his Triumph Spitfire where much was learnt about building fast-road engines, repairing bodywork and suspension set-ups. He bought his first Tiger in 1998 and has been keeping it running ever since. With a steady engine development program, “Tig” is currently running fuel injection on a fully rebuilt and modified 5-bolt 289. Numerous performance mods have been completed over the years, and many more planned.


 Lunch stop in the Cotswolds

TXJ7 and ERB545C

 The Tigers of Stuart & Gordon